There once was a man.
He became a superhero 
          to validate his existence. 

He had no suit.
He had no weapons,
          powers, or skills of any kind.

Once, he used a mirror.
With his identity revealed,
         he was easily defeated. 

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Hey! How about a poem?

This one’s made out to… well, I guess I can’t answer that. ❤

Your name is music to my ears.
Please tell me what it is
So every time I hear it spoken
I can feel like this.

That’s it. Short and sweet. 

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Home from the capital of Lebanon

Home from the capital of Lebanon

First. I’d like to mention how much I delight in the fact that my blog is called “the fence” and  get to click “new post.” It absolutely tickles me. Ok. Here. Have a melancholy poem.

An empty seat enjoyed the music
‘Cause when I offered you refused it
So my condolences to you
Block B Row C one-thirty-two

It sat there folded, cold and lonley
It creaked as if to say, “if only”
I touched its arm and just as blue
Said, “right there with you, 1-3-2”

And then, well I got pretty cross
I know they said that there’s no loss
But were you informed of the view
From one-thirty and one-thirty-two?

Even though the show was super
I’m still stumbling in a stupor
What the hell? This can’t be true
You didn’t want one-thirty-two?

I had some choices to go through
But little choosing there to do
In the end I wanted you
Seated in one-thirty-two

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Here, have a poem.

Her voice would lift his head
Make him feel not quite so dead
Even melt his heart of lead
Though she always spoke, “No.”

He wished it could be real
To walk her dog,
Cook her meal
If she’s sick he’d help her heal
It just would not be so.

He never fought the notion
It would cause too much comotion
So he lived with the emotion
But he had to let it show –

Though she always spoke, “No.

It just would not be so.”

He had to let her know.

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Almost there / Interims stink!

Part 1: Almost there

It has been a long and trying semester for me. Academically I’ve overcome personal odds and it feels pretty freakin good. I have half an assignment left to do and three more final exams left to complete. By Wednesday at 930 PM I will be loose upon the world to wreak creative havoc. A few weeks ago, I essentially checked myself out of school and focused on my writing. I caught myself before it became too much of a mistake and refocused on school, but it didnt really make me feel any better about myself as a person. One of the things I look most forward to about finishing this semester is having time and energy to pour into my own art. Thank goodness!

Part 2: Interims stink!

I’m single and I’m dealing with it. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about singularity, which is my new term for the state of being single, is that you cannot sit on feelings. If you have a feeling, you have to voice it. It’s imperative. If the feeling is strong, and you try to sit on it, it only accumulates. It’s so much easier to make personal progress if you take care of this stuff early SO! — I asked a beautiful woman to a movie and got a rather ambiguous response. She happens to be out of town for the weekend and gave me that information as an answer. What the heck!? I spent around ten hours following our last communication both sweating bullets and shitting bricks. I slept on it and woke up in some sort of zen. I know I’ll see her soon, and when I do the topic will more than likely surface. But that doesn’t change the fact that…
Of course I’m referring to the interim between asking someone out and pretty much asserting that you’d like to try and court them, and finding out how they really feel about it. I feel like a child on christmas eve with a realistic expectation of finding a lump of coal. I’m really hoping for that Dinorider Triceratops though. The interim is terrible, but I’ve put myself through longer and worse for worse reasons. I will deal with it. I’ll make it through faster than I did the last time. But it makes me wonder—

What to we gain from lying to each other about how we feel?


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Bathtub Poetry

Sometimes when I bathe I turn the lights off. What do I really need the light for anyway? I know where everything is. In any case, most of the time my poetry comes to me spontaneously, like when I’m falling asleep, or in this case bathing. No, the content of this poem does not reflect the lighting conditions during my wash.

“Some of them burn warm and bright
Some of them just smolder
Some get smothered in the night
And leave their bearers colder.

I awoke this morning to
A little puff of smoke
I didn’t even have
A single ember I could stoke

Afternoon is passing
The sun is out of sight
I’m tired and it’s dark out
Anybody have a light?”

But if the whole world was set fire, he’d still be lost wandering blind through his own shadow.

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No time!

So I haven’t had time to make that real video blog I’ve been talking about. I’ve spent way too much time sleeping and doing science and writing to make it happen. Right now I’m drowsy and frustrated. I’m frustrated with authority figures abusing their authority. I’m also frustrated with people neglecting to return my correspondence. /fistshake @ Judie. I’m also frustrated with my low readership. Maybe I should post more interesting things?

Hmm, would I be knee deep in it if I got my novel published?

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